Kim Black Originals Exquisite Wood Floors For those who seek the unique

For the past 15 years, Kim Black has perfected her art of installing and finishing wood floors as the owner of Designer’s Touch Flooring. Now she’s proud to introduce her new line of ‘Kim Black Originals’ floors that she manufactures in her production facility in Vero Beach.  

Kim is well known for her expertise in customizing wood floors in different colors and textures with on site sanding and finishing. Through the years she experimented with different finishing lines to create unique styles and colors not found in the general retail market.  While manufacturers were showcasing a lot of new finishes, none were quite right for the casual, beach lifestyle that is so prevalent on the Treasure Coast. “So many owners wanted a floor that looked like the driftwood they found on the beach because it would blend nicely with their light furnishings and coastal accents,” she explained. “I contacted every wood manufacturer I dealt with over the years, and I just couldn’t find the right one. Most of them had a ‘fake’ appearance about them. That’s when I set about manufacturing a driftwood floor myself!”

 “After spending several years, off and on, I finally figured out the perfect recipe to achieve the gray color I wanted” she continued. “It’s the unique color found in water-logged, sun-kissed driftwood. I have found two types of clients for this color of flooring; customers that prefer a very clean, sophisticated look where the wood selected has no knots, and those who want lots of knotty character to create a more casual, beach appearance.  Both designs make their own personal statement!”

 The Driftwood collection is part of the ‘Kim Black Originals’ line of pre-finished flooring designed and manufactured locally for the discerning client. “I work directly with homeowners or with their interior designer or architect,” she explained. “We pride ourselves on working with other professionals to give the homeowner the exact floor they envision. We create their custom floor and ship it to them if they are out of town or deliver the finished flooring to their job site ready for installation.”

‘Kim Black Originals’ also custom finishes stair treads and risers to ensure that the stairwell matches the custom flooring.

The same is true with wood ceilings, beams, paneling, back splashes and decorative wall accents. “Anything the customer, architect or interior designer can dream up, we can produce” she said with a smile. “I truly love what I do and I’m passionate about my work.  That’s why your custom ‘Kim Black Originals’ floor will be a one of kind statement for my clients with exquisite taste.”

Up until a few weeks ago only a few designers, architects and customers had even seen the driftwood flooring. Kim is always happy to bring a sample to you within the Treasure Coast area or other parts of Florida, or mail samples to those outside of Florida.  The only place to see a full-scale floor sample of the ‘Kim Black Originals’ driftwood floor is in her showroom at Designer’s Touch Flooring at 1715 Old Dixie Hwy in Vero Beach. Stop in today to take or look or call Kim at 772-978-9111 for a private showing and consultation.

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