St Lucie County

The following is a list of the full service beaches in St. Lucie County, Florida from north to south Florida and their amenities. The Florida beaches listed on the map provide dune crossovers to the ocean but no additional amenities.

AVALON BEACH- Unspoiled beach with free parking and restrooms.

BRYN MAWR BEACH- Dune crossover to deserted beach- no amenities.

PEPPER PARK- 2000 feet of beach with three lifeguard towers, 300 parking spaces, two tennis courts, basketball court, covered picnic tables, bathrooms, showers, and docks on the riverside for boat access. Also a close in marked shipwreck for scuba divers and the UDT/SEAL Museum.

FT. PIERCE INLET STATE PARK- 2,200 feet of beach, bathrooms, showers, sheltered picnic tables and one lifeguard tower. Admission is $3.25 per car- up to 8 people or $1.00 per walker. Good surfing and boating.

SOUTH JETTY PARK- 1,235 feet of beach and boardwalk, picnic area, bathrooms, showers and three lifeguard towers.

KIMBERLY BERGALIS PARK- 1,047 feet of beach, one lifeguard tower, bathrooms, showers and sheltered picnic areas.

SURFSIDE BEACH- 585 feet of beach, one lifeguard tower, sheltered picnic areas and bathrooms.

FREDERICK DOUGLASS MEMORIAL PARK- 1000 feet of beach, one lifeguard tower, sheltered picnic tables, showers, bathrooms and 175 parking spaces. This beach has some of the best sea shell beds in the area and Sunday horseback riding!

BLIND CREEK BEACH- 835 feet of secluded beach- no amenities.

WALTON ROCKS BEACH- 3,365 feet of beaches, one lifeguard tower, boardwalk, picnic tables, bathrooms, showers and 80 parking spaces.

DOLLMAN BEACH- 1850 feet of beach, restrooms, showers and parking.

WAVELAND BEACH- 320 feet of beaches, 100 parking spaces, bathrooms, showers, picnic area, one lifeguard tower, boardwalk and concession stand.


St Lucie Beaches Map

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