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 Back Cover  2000  1900  1800  1700
 Inside Beack Cover  1800  1700  1600  1500
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Front Cover 3500

includes 2 pages of editorial, $1000 worth of

     mentions, jpg of cover for social media

** Front cover position includes 2 pages of editorial, $1000 worth of radio mentions,
jpg of cover for social media


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WHAT IS IT?  An informative, entertaining collection of articles, photos, editorials and graphics designed to inform and direct area residents and visitors to InsideTrack Almanac places of business and play.

 Residents, tourists and seasonal visitors alike find InsideTrack Almanac a valuable guide in learning about where to go and what to do in our area.

 An easy to carry digest with a classy, high-gloss presence. The InsideTrack Almanac is printed on re-cycled paper, keeping with the environmental consciousness of the Treasure Coast.

WHAT'S IN IT? Everything from area folklore and recipes to in-depth feature articles on exciting things to do on our beautiful coast. InsideTrack Almanac provides area residents and visitors with the most comprehensive quarterly calendar of events in town and a complete listing of area museums and attractions!

HOW DO I GET IT? Just pick one up in your travels around town! 30,000 InsideTrack Almanacs are distributed each quarter through area resorts, hotels, residential communities, businesses, attractions, Chambers of Commerce and newsstands. Pick one up at one of over 200 distribution sites! 

HOW MUCH IS IT? Absolutely FREE to the reader! The InsideTrack Almanac is supported entirely through advertising revenue.




1.  InsideTrack Almanac saturates the Treasure Coast covering St. Lucie, Indian River, and southern Brevard counties.

2.  30,000 InsideTrack Almanacs reach approximately 100,000 readers every quarter - (According to the Starch reports, magazines are read an average of 2.5 - 5 times each issue.)

3.  10% of the resident population is moving in or out of the Treasure Coast each month! Targeting newcomers is what the InsideTrack Almanac does best!*

4.  70% of the area's visitors make their daily vacation schedules after arriving on the Treasure Coast! The InsideTrack Almanac is the first guide they'll see in hotels and resorts.*
*(statistics acquired from


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